Who started the fight? This question caused numerous extended discussions. Some already knew that it could have only been those raindrops and waves, battering us relentlessly. We’ve been forced to take revenge for the cruelty of the water burrying so many lives. The sore point was its purity. Consequently the strategy was: Destruction through Pollution.
The settlements of the water: tarns, lakes, rivers even oceans were bombarded with bunches of plastic that should dissolve to break down the waters structure. Soldiers were pouring enormous amounts of crude oil into the oceans ‘cause water fears oil. They set snares for the rain so that it flushed poison from the ground into the seat. They planted toxic gasses on it that the rain would pollut its own waters. Few of us started to ask themselves if it was right what we were doing. And suddenly we understood what we failed to see: We need the water.
We had forgotten that we were dependent on it and especially on its purity that we were destroying. What should we drink and how should we wash ourselves? The important and the clever ones met to find a solution how to get out of this dilemma. From then on it was forbidden to proceed against the water, its huge waves and the cruel masses of rain.
Nevertheless many did so. We got used to our enemy. The end was unstoppable. The water or what was left over concentrated into a brown mass and finally evaporized completely. The earth was dry and brittle and the whole planet crumpled at the slightest blast of air. Humankind tumbled into the universe and falling down they chafed not at themselves but at the water that had left them alone relentlessly.

Model: Marlene Haase