Collaboration with Jaakko Heikinheimo

Sunset, Video, 10:24 min.

Dust, rain, fire, flood, etc., 15 x 90 x 15 cm, raw steel, coal, bitumen, sulfur, rust, dust
Sunglas, 150 x 8 x 1,5 cm, brass, raw steel, synthetic resin, sulfur, iron

Shelter, 90 x 15 x 15 cm, raw steel, stainless steel, wood 
Salt crystals after the evaporation of water
The way we perceive the beauty of our environment can be understood as a combination of physical phenomena and an assessment of them under moral aspects. The ‘Rayleigh scattering’ refers to the dispersion of sunlight through molecules in the earth’s atmosphere. This results in the blue sky at day time as the nitrogen and oxygen filter out the long length blue electromagnetic waves and an orange sky in the evening due to the longer way and changed angle the rays encounter. Knowing that different aerosols carrying more or less harmful substances might enhance the colors of the sunset sheds a different light on the beauty of the illuminated sky.​​​​​​​
Smog is formed out of different substances floating in different layers of our atmosphere. This misty phenomenon also known as pea soup or black fog does not only take our breath away–metaphorically and literally– it also affects our infrastructure as for example the efficiency of solar power. Nevertheless efficiency is not the only parameter that comes into account in dealing with these unforeseen challenges. Isn‘t that the productive but hedonistic human nature; the urge to erect ivory towers in the haze?

Burned steel

Grime on wood

Rusty steel
Oxidized steel
Burned wood
Burned rusty steel
Shown in the exhibition "(Un)seen - In the Dazzle of Infrastructure" at Galleria Aarni, Espoo, Finland.