Denim is a material that makes the differences and the similarities of the western and the eastern world HIgly perceivable. It appears in the japanese Kimono as in the modern, western Skinny Jeans.
This seems to be a paradoxon: The Western tradition of clothing was always about moulding the body for communicating A constructed, extreme image of the body. The japanese tradition of apparel tries to hide the body, building a new cubic ONE.
Regarding the history of womens dress one can see that there has always been an objectification of the body in both cultures. In japanese culture it was stigmatized as ugly While the western tradition sexualised it to an irresponsible, entertaining toy of men.
Society treats the body (in particular the feminin body) like a sculptor, who forms glyphs out of lifeless material. Especially the Fashion industry has become a symbol for this process. The body has been modelled, contracted, padded, et cetera ever and anon.

Pictures: MArlene Haase
Model: Katharina Achterkamp