Humans: Marlene Haase, Viktor Nilsson
Voice: Daniel Mühe
Concept/Costumes/Camera/Music: Lea Wittich

What am I? This question can drive it to madness and it searches and searches and what does it find? Nothing. Nothing tangible only small ideas in its head.
It reaches out for the things that put it back together.
There are so many things it can own. Things that hold it together and enclose it in their warm cores to protect it from the world.
And when this feeling subsides, it continues searching. When it acts first and forget to think, it has to be very lucky to find what it is looking for.
It constantly searches for the things that make it happy, that stick it together. At some point it no longer knows where to put everything. That‘s the problem with things and ideas: ideas are space-saving. But things take up so much space in space with their mere presence.​​​​​​​