This video is not gluten-free. 
Bread is an essential food staple that makes ground grain edible. In various shapes and forms, it consists of flour and air, often exhaled by yeast or microbes that initially settled in the dough all by themselves - without human intervention. Do we misunderstand this interspecies cooperation when it reminds us of Kropotkin's call for freedom and bread in a society built on mutual aid?* However, at present we are witnessing the impending absence of grain, due to martial power games and the consequences of capitalist exploitation of nature, which are more in line with the Social Darwinist interpretation of evolution. Brottest is a reflection on our basic needs and their political power. How much bread is in us, how much of us is in bread and how can we rethink the metaphorical body of bread in late capitalism?
*In 1892 anarcho-communist Pyotr Alexeyevich Kropotkin wrote "The Conquest of Bread“, in which he points out the necessity and possibilities of ensuring basic food supply (Bread for all) in a society. 
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