Collaboration with arijit bahattacharyya
Bauhaus never wanted to be political - but it always was. We just passed the centenary year of the foundation of the school in Thuringia. All over the world the situation resembles the politicized mood in the Weimar Republic. People are on the street to fight for democracy. 
What can Bauhaus contribute to the global protest movements in its year 101? Bauhaus 101 redesigns the bauhaus classics. How can the civil equipment for a society Empower to fight for democracy?
The project reflects on these questions in a performative lecture with an ashtray, Two chairs and two tables. The designs can be provided to the global protesting community via postcards that can be send for free as a 'Student-to-student' consignment.
Postcard Edition
Performative lecture @Bauhaus Dinner with... at Bauhaus Atelier
PhotograPhies by Adhika Ferdinand